Westland Chicken Manure Pellets 10kg Tub

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These Westland Chicken Manure Pellets are rich in organic nutrients and ideal for use all around your garden to boost a crop or as a general fertiliser. Made from composted chicken manure which is then dried and pressed into compact pellets for easy application they come with a handy measuring scoop. Simply scatter them and either work them into moist soil using a fork or allow the rain to break them down into the soil.

They contain trace elements that are often depleted from the soil by heavy feeding crops and also high levels of organic matter that enriches the soil and naturally improves its moisture content.

  • Apply from February through to the end of October
  • NPK 4.3-3.2-3.2 plus trace elements and magnesium
  • Easy to apply direct from the tub
  • Will enrich the soil and maintain its delicate balance

Weight: 10kg tub

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