Ultimate Green Pond Cleaner

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If your pond is a murky mess and you dream of crystal clear water where you can actually see the fish, then look no further! This environmentally friendly range of products is fast-acting, long-lasting, and completely harmless to aquatic life, birds, animals and plants. Simply apply to the water at the dosages specified on the packs. Choose from: 150g Ultimate Green Pond Clearer - clears greenwater algae and muddy ponds, treats approximately 700 litres (154 gallons); 150g Ultimate Sludge Remover - dissolves sludge and pond waste, treats approximately 500 litres (110 gallons); 150g Ultimate Blanket Weed Killer - controls blanket weed and string algae, treats approximately 500 litres (110 gallons). Also available, to keep the water in your water features crystal clear (not to be used where fish are present): 50g Ultimate Water Feature Cleaner - clears away algae and greenwater, treats approximately 500 litres (110 gallons).. . . . . .

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