ThermoQuick Express Composter - 600 Litres

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ThermoQuick? Express Composter lets you dispose of your household and garden waste simply and cleanly while being greenhouse friendly too. Add grass clippings leaves and kitchen vegetable cuttings to your composter while at the same time creating a natural fertilizer that your garden will thank you for! Your plants will tend to grow faster and are more proliferous when they are grown in nutrient-rich soil.

Manufactured from 100% recycled superior quality copolymer plastics this composter can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking. It has a 5 panel easy-lock assembly which takes just a few minutes and has maximum composting volume.

ThermoQuick? has special locking corner clips that aid in stability to keep the side panels tight as the composter fills out. Multiple well-placed air vents guarantee optimal composting conditions while the dark green/grey colour also absorbs the suns rays year round to keep compost active.

Access your compost is easy due to the 4 removable access doors; this allows removal of fresh compost whichever side you choose. The lid specifically includes hinges with special clips that allow it to remain upright for easy loading and stay shut to ensure strong winds or animals can

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