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These unique and thoughtfully designed water storage tanks provide a massive 800 litre capacity - yet have a small, space-saving foot-print, allowing them to stand unobtrusively up against a wall where you might not have the room to stand a number of smaller water butts. Made from industrial quality polyethylene, with inset plastic connectors (one ?? tap connector and two 1 for interconnecting tanks or connecting to a down pipe), they come with plastic tap, metal retention bracket, hole saw and rubber grommet sealing ring. There is also a lower base level access point for drainage. Complete with Filter Collector, which collects and filters rainwater coming down your down pipe for the best possible tank water quality. The removal of leaves, dirt and debris (which carry on down the down pipe) reduces the risk of disease carry-over, minimises algae and eliminates sludge in your water tank. Fits all UK down pipes, square or round, from 65 to 100mm, and has a filter cartridge that is easily removed and cleaned. Once the tank is full the filter acts as the overflow outlet. Tank width 80cm (31??); depth 60cm (23); height 179cm (70). Available in three colours: Green, Granite, Sandstone. 21 Days

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