Ocean Wave Swing Seat

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Let time pass slowly as you gently rock back and forth in your garden on a lazy summers dayVIRO WEAVE (OCEAN): If you demand very low maintenance high quality garden furniture, then the Ocean range of woven garden furniture is for you. You will probably have noticed a great increase in the availability of woven garden furniture. Unfortunately many of these products are of a sub-standard quality and are not built to last. Alexander Rose started manufacturing premium woven furniture back in 2005, today they enjoy a reputation as a producer of the highest quality woven furniture in the industry. Rest assured that when you purchase an Alexander Rose Ocean weave product it has been designed to achieve the best possible weaving details, aesthetics and comfort.The level of workmanship that has gone into the Ocean range is second to none. Only the very best weavers have the ability to produce the stunning furniture available in this range. The furniture is woven using a 7mm flat synthetic rattan. The 3 tone bronze `Viro` fibre is designed to give superior protection against extreme weather conditions and UV rays. The fibre is guaranteed for 3 years against fading and ageing.The Ocean Range is woven using 7mm Viro Polypeel in Dark Bronze.

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