MD Chip ?N? Shred Petrol Chipper Shredder

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This robustly built chipper-shredder has an all-steel body and comes with a tow-bar attachment for added manoeuvrability. It features heavy-duty flails for chipping wood up to 2? in diameter via a dedicated chipper chute and a large hood for feeding-in-and-shredding large quantities of leaves, twigs and smaller branches. Powered by a smooth running and easy to start LCT petrol engine, the MD Chip ?N? Shred can be used anywhere in your garden and is ideal for larger-style properties with a need to recycle and reduce in size outdoor waste. This product is new and exclusive to MowDIRECT and best value petrol chipper shredder on the market. Order today and receive over ?50 worth of Free Accessories!

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