Love Heart Sky Lanterns (Pack of Four)

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Let your love light up the sky with one of our Love Heart Lanterns. The perfect gift for Valentines Day. Made from flame-retardant, biodegradable paper, these safe and easy-to-use sky lanterns are the perfect way to commemorate any occasion and are make a more sentimental and less explosive alternative to fireworks. Just unfold the lantern, attach the wax fuel cell, light and watch it float away. In calm weather conditions your sky lantern will rise to over 1000m and stay up for approx. 20 minutes.Technical Details
  • Height: 100cm
  • Circumference: 180cm
  • Wind range: 0-4mph
  • Flame retardant paper with bamboo reinforcement
  • Wax burner fuel cell
Do not use near coastline or under flight paths as lights can be mistaken for flares. All buildings should be at least 30ft from point of take off.Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier

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