Gladiolus nanus Exclusive Collection ( 4 x 10)

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This collection of 40 gladiolus nanus plants includes 4 colour varieties, each with a two tone flower head. They look beautiful when growing together in your garden and are great for cutting and putting in bouquets. Included are: 10 Gladiolus Nanus Charming Beauty - which have a delicate salmon pink flower with a creamy white throat.10 Gladiolus Nanus Robinetta, with spikes of pinkish red flowers with white accents.10 Gladiolus Nanus Charm, with violet pink flowers enhanced by a pale white blotch on the lower lip10 Gladiolus Nanus Prins Claus, with pure white flowers with raspberry red markings on its lower petals. This is a summer plant that will typically flower between June and September.THESE PLANTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY FROM 07/03/2011 - 31/05/2011

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