DR PW625 Powerwagon

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`Done Right` is DR`s motto and nothing proves this to be true better than the DR Powerwagons. Built for purpose from the ground up and using only the best materials these barrows are made to last. Capable of going just about anywhere you are likely to need a wheelbarrow you will be able to get more jobs finished in less time. The DR PW625 is ideal if you are not planning on hauling extra heavy loads but instead need a powered-barrow to assist with day to day activities around the home. With a high density polyethylene moulded cargo bed it is just as useful if you are clearing out a stable or wanting to mix concrete as part of a building project. The load is centred directly over the drive wheels (fitted with the same tyres found on ATVs and sealed to prevent punctures) ensuring that the heavier the load, the more traction you receive. A low centre of gravity aids stability whilst the tilting cargo bed allows you to place any load you are hauling precisely where you want it. The gear driven transmission with differential drive system is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Quantum 5.5hp petrol engine with electric key start. Four forward speeds and one reverse combined with a centrifugal clutch allow you to adjust to any terrain with ease. A maximum load of 227kg on level ground and 180kg on slopes (maximum 20 degrees) is within the capabilities of this barrow and there is no need to worry about moving loads of this size into position as the free running rear castor wheel makes turning on the spot a breeze while the disc brake keeps everything in one place when you arrive at your destination. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS! DR POWERWAGONS HAVE A 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY.

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