Chapelwood Rustic Butterfly Log

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Provide a year round home for your butterflies to roost breed and hibernate with this Chapelwood Rustic Butterfly Log. Many species of butterflies are becoming rare due to habitat loss and this log will provide the shelter that they need. The butterflies will fold their wings and enter the vertical slits at the sides and you can also use these slits to view any activity within. Site the log in a warm sheltered location to benefit from the morning sun and near to flowers to provide a useful source of food for butterflies emerging from hibernation. Better still position it with a small branch passing through the slits to provide a place for the butterflies to perch and rest.

  • Strong durable construction

    This rustic log is made from FSC wood so you are ensured it comes from well-managed forests sustaining not only the environment but also its local population. It offers excellent insulation properties and naturally resists water damage warping and rotting.

    Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 22cm high

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