Borecole Nero Di Toscana Seeds Average Seeds 190

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A much admired Italian kale, whose leaves darken to dark green, almost black as the cooler temperatures of autumn arrive. Boil, steam or stir-fry, picking the leaves as required. Harvest September-January. Crops 30-35 weeks from sowing. A delicious autumn, winter, spring vegetable.Sow 18mm (??) deep on a finely raked 'seedbed'. (Hybrid types may be started in trays and subsequently planted out.) Plant firmly in their final positions 60cm (2') apart in July-early August. Harvest leaves as required from October-March. HEALTH BENEFITS: High in vitamins A & C. CULINARY HINTS: Pick young leaves and stir fry or steam to maximise nutrient content. TOBY'S TIP: Remove any discoloured or diseased leaves and apply further fertiliser in spring to boost further leaf production. You can also use the seed for 'sprouting' as seedlings for a nutritious salad.

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