Bordeaux Garden Gate 1.22mx76cm wide

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Make the entrance to your garden a welcoming one with an elegantly designed Garden Gate. Beautifully crafted to enhance your garden and reflect your personal taste. The Bordeaux gate has a wonderfully classic shape with zinc plated vertical steel bars and a scalloped frame. Crafted from Scandinavian Redwood that is manufactured to the highest standards. Traditional mortise and tenon joints are used in the construction of these gates that provide them with the extra strength and durability needed for years of use.

All gates are supplied in their natural state allowing you to choose your preferred stain and finish. Gates must be treated with a high quality oil-based wood preservative or exterior wood paint before any fittings are attached. These gates are right hanging and the measurements supplied are for the actual size of the gate and not the gap size you will also need to allow for posts and fittings which are available on our website.

Manufactured with natural Scandinavian Redwood with no finish applied. Treating the wood with a preserver will ensure their longevity and durability. Fittings and Posts are sold separately on Greenfingers website. Please note that the pictured iron latch is not included.
Bordeaux Redwood Gate: 122x76cm wide (4

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