Bird Bath with Solar Light

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This weather resistant Bird Bath with Solar Light will not only attract wild birds to your garden but also provide you with a delightful feature at night. Manufactured from plastic resin it is very easy to install with no electricity required and can last up to 8 hours on a full charge of 8 hours.

Many people put food out for birds but fewer provide a regular supply of clean water. Siting of the bath is very important - birds will only use it if they feel safe. Birds get excited and pre-occupied about bathing and tend to be more vulnerable than at other times. Make sure birds have clear visibility as they bathe with bushes or trees nearby to provide cover if alarmed and perches to use when preening. Ensure cats cannot use the cover to attack bathing birds.

The RSPB advise that you clean your birdbath regularly and change the water. A layer of algae dead leaves or bird droppings will soon build up so give the bath a thorough clean every week or so. Scrub the sides and bottom to remove algae and other dirt.

  • 2V 80mA solar panel with 2 LED

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