Acer Atropurpurea + Bamboo

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What a lovely combination. Japanese Acer atropurpurea is one of the most reliable acers. The young foliage is a spectacular transparent red. Later in the season the leaves turn into a deep purple-brown -red. Great for a vibrant splash of colour for a free-standing location in your garden. Ideal for small gardens. The wonderful variegated foliage on this dwarf bamboo makes it a highly decorative addition to any garden its bright yellow and green streaks provide an eyecatching focal point. Alternatively, plant several in a row to create a great screen for you patio. Can grow to approx 1.2m. Delivery from 07-03 until 30-06 Suitable for Rocky Gardens Creates a dense cover Hardy Evergreen Easy to grow Full grown size 1 - 3.5 m

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