40 Perennial Garden + 5 Free Shrubs

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An entire garden of beautiful plants all in one set. Includes a huge range of brightly coloured plants and flowering shrubs to make your garden come alive. A collection of bare roots, super plugs and bulbs, just plant these around your garden in any design or combination you want for a beautiful vibrant flower garden throughout the spring and summer. Includes:3 Alyssum Saxatile citrinum (7cm pot - 5cm)30 Anemone Blanda Mix (4/5cm)2 Astilbe Pink (Bare Root)1 Buddleia Davidii Pink (9cm Pot - 30cm)3 Campanula Carpatica Blue Chips (7cm pot - 5cm)1 Ceanothus Griseus Yankee Point (9cm pot - 10cm)1 Forsythia Spectabilis (9cm pot - 30cm)Hostasieboldii (Bare Root)3 Saponaria Ocymoides (Bare Root)1 Spirea Arguta (9cm pot - 30cm)1 Weigelia Briston Ruby (9cm pot - 30cm)THESE PLANTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY FROM 07/03/2011 - 31/05/2011

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