200 Summertime bulb garden

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A collection of 200 bulbs that will grow in to an incredible mix of beautifully coloured flowers and plants. It features 8 different varieties of plant, all of which will flower from June until October. Includes:20 Acidanthera Bicolour Murielae (4/5cm)50 Allium Moly Luteum (4/5cm)50 Anemone Coronaria de Caen (3/4cm)2 Begonia Double Flowering Mix (3/4cm)50 Brodiaea Queen Fabiola (4/5 cm)2 Dahlia Unwin (Tuber size II)6 Gladiolus Mix (8/10cm)20 Iris Hollandica mix (6/7cm) THESE PLANTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY FROM 07/03/2011 - 31/05/2011

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