2 x Garden Gate Redwood Posts 7.5x7.5x244cm (Wall Mounted)

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Support your Garden Gate with a well-manufactured wooden post which is a vital part of any garden gate. This Redwood is a wall-mounted post and an extremely durable timber that has been used in the construction of garden gates for years. When purchasing gate posts you have to be sure that they are at least 91.44 cm or 3 feet longer than the actual gate.

If the fence connects to a wall the first post needs to be attached to the wall using three expanding masonry bolts. Use a washer to prevent the wood being crushed at the surface. As with all posts use a spirit level to check that the post is in a horizontal position before securing. Drill holes at the correct positions and drive in some packing at each location. This will allow for minor adjustments when tightening the bolts to get the best fit between the wooden post and wall.
2x Redwood Posts: 7.5x7.5x244cm high. (3

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