2 x Garden Gate Oak Posts 10x10x244cm high (untreated)

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Support your Garden Gate with a well-manufactured wooden post which is a vital part of any garden gate. Oak is an extremely robust timber that has been used in the construction of garden gates for years. When purchasing gate posts you have to be sure that they are at least 91.44 cm or 3 feet longer than they should be standing above ground. This will ensure that you sink it far enough into the ground to make the gate sturdy. Nail three slats of wood across the gate area onto the posts to keep them the same distance apart when you pick them up.

Dig a trench that should be 15cm or 6 inches wider than the post and 91.44cm or 3 feet deep at the ends. Put two to three inches of gravel in the bottom of the trench for drainage and set the posts into the trench. Mix concrete and pour into trench and make sure gates are kept level by using boards or lengths of wood to hold them in place.
2x Oak Posts: 10x10x244cm high. (4

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